Maciel, C., Bim, S. A., & Boscarioli, C. (2013). HCI with chocolate: Introducing HCI concepts to Brazilian girls in elementary school. In Proceedings of 6th Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction (CLIHC '13) (pp. 90-94). Carrillo, Costa Rica: Springer International Publishing.


Type: Empirical

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to promote strategies in the area of Human Computer Interaction (HCL) as a method to promote careers in computing and technology for girls.

Findings: 1. The nine girls rarely used computers and internet access was minimal. 2. Eight of the nine girls reported not being aware of CS course; however, some acknowledged that they liked math. 3. Girls were involved in the activities and became curious about computing area

Recommendations: The authors recommended using the girls interests in architecture to build a relationship between a building project and an interface project.


Sample Size: 9

Participant Type: Nine girls from ages 13-15 participated in this study.

Notes: This pilot study was conducted in the city of Cuiaba-MT/Brazil.