Learning Trajectories

Explore our draft learning trajectories, published in SIGCSE and ICER. Gray boxes indicate concepts that could be learned and applied outside of computing, whereas white boxes refer to computing specifically. Developed based on over 100 CS Ed publications, these are just a starting point. As with any LT’s, these are potential learning paths a student can follow or a curriculum can be designed around. However, some students may learn later concepts before earlier ones, or jump around. The arrows should be interpreted as suggestions, not definite pronouncements.

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LTEC-2: Action Fractions Lessons

Action Fractions is a cohesive sequence of activities designed to align with math standards for fraction instruction in 3rd and 4th grade as well as CT learning goals drawn from learning trajectories for sequence, conditionals, iteration, and debugging.

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Action Fraction assessments are also available to be used at different points after teaching the lessons. The assessment items were designed using the same learning trajectories that were used to design the Action Fractions lessons.

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LTEC-1: Initial CT+Math Lessons

Originally created by teachers at Kenwood Elementary in the Champaign Unit Four School District with the support of faculty from the University of Illinois, these original lessons were intended for use with the Everyday Math 4 curriculum in grades 1-5 . The lessons were later iterated upon by Judy Rocke for the purpose of more widespread distribution.

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We developed these videos for the annual NSF STEM Video Showcase between 2016 and 2021. By watching these videos, you can see the progression of the LTEC project.

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