Moreno-Leon, J., and Robles, G. (2016, April). Code to learn with Scratch? A systematic literature review. In 2016 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) (pp. 150-156). IEEE.


Type: Review Article

Purpose: "The systematic literature review presented in this article aims to summarize the results of recent research using programming with Scratch in subjects not related to computing and communications, as well as studies analyzing the kind of skills students develop while learning to code in this environment" (p. 1).

Findings: "Although the analyzed papers provide promising results regarding the use of programming as an educational resource, this review highlights the need to conduct more empirical research in classrooms, using larger samples of students that allow to obtain clear conclusions about the types of learning that could be enhanced through programming" (p. 1). "In relation to programming integration into the curriculum, the 8 analyzed studies have a very promising outlook, as they show that programming can be a tool to improve learning subjects like mathematics, science, arts, writing or English as a second language. However, these studies did not follow, in a majority, the basic recommendations to develop research in education, and it seems clear that more empirical studies providing quantitative data to obtain clearer conclusions are necessary" (p. 5). "Regarding the development of other skills, the conclusions of the 7 articles analyzed show that by learning to program, students improved their problem solving skills, reasoning practices, logical thinking and creativity. In this case... research was performed in a majority of the cases using control groups, pre and post tests, and a larger number of participants" (p. 5, 6). The authors are currently reviewing other programming languages in addition to Scratch.