Raja, T. (June, 2014). We can code it: Why computer literacy is key to winning the 21st century. Mother Jones. Retrieved from http://www.motherjones.com/media/2014/06/computer-science-programming-code-diversity-sexism-education


Type: Practitioner

Purpose: The purpose of this article critiques the role of technology in a decade where student AP CS enrollment and declared CS majors are declining despite the vast increase in technological innovations.

Findings: 1. Understanding that coding is not a means to an end, rather a means to develop creative systems of thinking beyond just a computer science context. This type of thinking across different disciplines is otherwise called computational thinking (Wing, 2006). 2. Only 20 states required CS to count toward graduation requirements in 2014 3. Girls who are exposed to CS early grades are more likely to major in Computer Science in college 4. There is more to CS than just exploring new gadgets. Jan Cuny said it well, "We teach our kids how to be consumers of technology, not creators of technology."