Gregg, C., Tychonievich, L., Cohoon, J., & Hazelwood, K. (2012, February). EcoSim: A language and experience teaching parallel programming in elementary school. In Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGSCE '12)(pp. 51-56), Raleigh, NC: ACM.


Type: Other

Purpose: The purpose of this paper was "present an overview of a five-day introductory programming course" (p. 51). This paper only reports on the findings from the course, but this was not the actual study.

Findings: 1. "It took the students an average of 4.2 attempts to fix a program that had errors" (p. 55) 2. "The student attempted an average of 8.3 times to fix the error before giving up



Participant Type: This was a pilot course for 4th and 5th graders (9 and 10 year olds) in an enrichment course with no prior programming experience