Taylor, C., Zingaro, D., Porter, L., Webb, K. C., Lee, C. B., & Clancy, M. (2014). Computer science concept inventories: Past and future. Computer Science Education, 24, 253-276.


Type: Review Article

Purpose: The purpose of this literature review examines the current developments, validations, and research related to Concept Inventories (CI) in the area of STEM.

Findings: Currently, there are not any available CIs for computer science; however, efforts are being made CIs are standardized assessment tool designed to measure student understanding of core concepts of a topic developed for fields in science and engineering (Goldman et al., 2010). This review provides three goals: (1) provide an overview of the work being done to construct CIs and the process for development, (2) provide the challenges of CI development for the field of computer science that traces the preliminary work in building CIs for CS and the current assessments being used and, (3) provide a review of the contributions in CS education, including assessments for AP CS courses and common student misconceptions.