Weintrop, D., Beheshti, E., Horn, M., Orton, K., Jona, K., Trouille, L., & Wilensky, U. (2016). Defining computational thinking for mathematics and science classrooms. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 25(1), 127-147.


Type: Review Article,Taxonomy Development

Purpose: The authors present a "definition of computational thinking for mathematics and science in the form of a taxonomy, based on a literature review as well as interviews with experts and reviews of curricular materials.

Findings: The taxonomy has four main categories: Data Practices, Modeling & Simulation Practices, Computational Problem Solving Practices, and Systems Thinking Practices.

Recommendations: "This paper argues for the inclusion of computational thinking in mathematics and science classrooms. We see three main benefits for the approach of embedding computational thinking in these contexts: (1) it builds on the reciprocal relationship for learning between computational thinking and mathematics and science domains, (2) it addresses practical concerns of reaching all students, and having proficient teachers, and (3) it brings science and mathematics education more in line with current professional practices in these fields." (p. 143)