Falkner, K., & Palmer, E. (2009). Developing authentic problem solving skills in introductory computing classes. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 41(1), 4-8.


Type: Empirical

Purpose: The authors "describe an approach to introductory computer science education that addresses student engagement through integrating cooperative learning techniques and authentic problem solving processes throughout each aspect of the curriculum" (p. 4).

Findings: After an introductory CS course has been modified at the University of Adelaide in the period of 4 years to have students observe programming technique applications, observe problem solving techniques, and then apply such techniques cooperatively in the classroom, the students were more motivated to learn than before and they understood CS concepts better compared to the previous traditional method.



Sample Size: 250

Participant Type: Domestic and international students who entered the university straight from high school

Notes: Students (about 200-250) enrolled in the introductory CS course.